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5 ways to utilize empty spaces in your house

Minimalism is spreading like a wildfire in the interior decoration industry. In recent times, people have understood the importance of simplicity, hence they are eliminating unnecessary things when it comes to home décor. Minimalism is when you differentiate between things you want and need. This helps your mental health and bank account. This way you don’t spend your money on useless stuff and you become more organized due to fewer things around. Having said that, you are left with ample of vacant space in the house, which you can turn into a much useful space.

Talking about utilizing the empty space in the house, first, you are required to decide what you need in your day to day life that will help you stay organized and make your lifestyle easy.

Here are top 5 ways to put the empty space at use.

Work on the wall

No one likes to look at the empty walls. But keeping in mind the minimalism you can hang the personalized things like your pictures, or things that you’re planning to purge. Also, if you love art then this goes without saying that you need to hang the paintings there. Vintage stuff like a typewriter, trumped, guitar etc., that you don’t use any more can also be utilized. This will create a memory wall for you and the things that are no more useful can be put to décor without wasting any money.

Workout zone

Now finally you can stop procrastinating about going to the gym or Zumba class. With that space, you can now make your in-house gym or mini yoga studio. Just add a yoga mat, other necessary equipment and get started.

Green zone

Who doesn’t love a hint of nature in their surroundings? Also, having plants in your house is any which way a lot better than buying costly showpieces and vase. You can purchase cheap pots from the roadside vendors, and arrange the indoor plants according to their colour or whichever way you wish to. This will give your place a raw and fresh appearance.


If you’re a busy corporate bee and have too much to remember, you can opt for an organized way to plan your day/week. Stick a small black or whiteboard on the wall and make your ‘To Do’ list for the day/week. This will make your life much easier and organized without burning a hole in your pocket.

Cosy zone

Besides couch and dining table, you need another sitting area where you can chill with your pals, lie down, read a book or just be with your thoughts. To create this cosy area all you need is an old mattress and a few cushions. Also, this helps you to stay calm and relaxed.

All the aforementioned points require no hard work or much your hard earn money, plus by implementing these ideas you will only end up making your life smooth and healthy. Also, not to forget the space that was empty will be utilized productively.