Ganesh Home Kraft

Are you ready to welcome Lakshmi Ganesh in your Abode!

Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated in India and on this eve, people worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi, better known as the gods of wisdom, prosperity, wealth, fortune and luxury. There is a belief that during Diwali, Goddess Laxmi visits all the houses and blesses them. As the ritual, people clean, decorate and light up their homes on the eve of Diwali.

Talking about decorating the house, the utmost embellished room of the house is the worship room or the ‘Puja Room’, the holiest space in your house. This room should be jam-packed with beautiful and traditional articles, making it look stunning and highlighting the center, i.e. the temple where all the idols are placed, also known as ‘mandap’.

Here are numerous tips and tricks to decorate the puja room:

The tone of the room                            

Being a worship space, the purpose of this room is to release positivity hence the color and tone of this room should be light and warm. White, beige, yellow and orange are the appropriate options for the area.

The door post

The entrance to the puja room is as important as the main entrance. You can hang a ‘toran’ (door hanging) on the top and string the marigold garland on both sides of the door to make it look more welcoming.

Light it up

The puja room should not be kept dark.  Hence you should keep candles, lamps, and diyas lit in the room. You can also put the fairy lights in the room as it will both light up the area and add up to the decoration and mandap. There are various kinds of lights available in the market that will enhance e the atmosphere of the space while the sun is down.

Rangoli around the Mandap

Rangoli is the most traditional and fun way to decorate the house. You can also make rangoli in the puja room using the flower petals, dry flour, and rice as it is a symbol of good luck.

Furnish it well

To create a cozy vibe, you can add low floor seating with traditionally printed cushions and lacy curtains (net) so that an ample amount of light can enter the room. Use a traditionally carved mandap and place idols neatly.

Refurbishment your puja room and make your home look perfect for welcoming Laxmi Ganesh and upsurge your chances of getting blessed this festive season.