Believe in brands, not products!

Getting carried away is a human phenomenon, we all do! While you are loaded with choices, offers, freebies, discounts it’s difficult to make the right choices. Nevertheless, homebuyers tend to choose the one that glitters but is not gold. Home buying is undoubtedly one of the most important investments of your life. Thus, it does need the right kind of decision making to choose the brand to spend your lifetime with. However, the homebuyers have now become much more aware and tech savvy with the advent of digital media to research about the brand they choose to invest. But, searches can be rigged too, so it’s always better to reach out to the brands and connect with their teams who can be the best answer for your queries.

But why should you prefer an established brand?

Well, brands will always try to provide an extra value and better experiences as they invest in creating that exclusive experience. Brands like ATS who has been there for more than 2 decades have created an impeccable brand value and class apart architecture for the homebuyers. The legacy does continue with the new projects and new buyers. There are exceptions too, but majority brands are still delivering the trust they have built since inception.

How can you judge the brand you choose?

Well, choosing isn’t easy, but finding info is! Here are some of the tips from us that can help you find your aspirational home:

1. Check the brand website, new projects, corporate office address and cross check it physically.

2. Talk to the official representative and check their profile in the company online.

3. Search for their news and reviews

4. Check different blogs of property advisors and consultants

5. Trust the registered brokers and consultants

6. Talk to the buyers who have already purchased a property

7. Check the RERA number on their website

8. Find the owner and its records and background.

Die große zahl von blog kombinierbaren stoffen in den led ermöglicht heute die bereitstellung einer breiten angebotspalette.