With Christmas and New Year right round the corner, it’s almost time for house parties and get-togethers. Party means lots of guests, so stop procrastinating and start decking up your place. But, in between the festival chaos and shopping sprees, who gets the time to arrange the house for the party during the festive season? Well, you don’t need all the time in the world to make your home party ready. Here are super shortcuts that will save your party and reputation in front of your guests.
Nobody likes a cluttered house
To really put an impression on the guests, you need to declutter your house. Start with the living room as it is the area that will be exposed to the guests, and that too throughout the party. Remove shoes, clothes, utensils and anything that doesn’t belong to the room. Shift the useless furniture to the store room.
Create a secret room
This is the most important and efficient shortcut that you can apply. All you need to do is to select a room that is far from the living room and will not be used during the party. And then dump all the clutter in that room. From furniture to unwashed clothes to toys to all the things you don’t want your guest to look at, you can dump there and lock the room. This is the fastest way to get rid of unwanted stuff.
Stools can be your saviour
Party means snacks, drinks and dancing. Hence everyone would require a place to keep their glasses while dancing. You need to have 3 to 4 stools in the living room where people can easily place the snacks and drinks. But keep the size of the stools small, as you don’t want your guests to keep running into them.
Don’t forget the bathroom and kitchen
These two areas of the house are used the most while partying and people generally judge the host on the basis of the condition of these rooms. So do remember to properly clean and decorate the bathroom. You can place a plant inside the washroom and hide all the dirty clothes in the ‘secret room.’
Now comes the kitchen, which is usually visible from the living room, therefore attracts the attention. Arrange the utensils attractively and try to keep the slab clear as much as possible.
Leave a lot of free space
People love to dance and for that they need ample space. Also, if there are kids involved, then they love to run. That’s why you need to leave plenty of free space and apportion a specific area of the room where all the guests can enjoy the songs and dance freely. Make sure there is no furniture, showpiece, lamps or rug in that area.
Keep the essentials handy
Hiding doesn’t mean that you can’t find a certain thing when required. Things like an opener, mop cloth, extra cutleries, paper towels, matches, and knife should be handy.
Following the aforesaid points would help you organise a successful party. As you will be stress-free throughout the party so will be able to give the guest all the attention. And at the end remember to enjoy the gathering as much as possible.