How smart is your home

Today having a smart home is no more considered as being luxurious, it is gradually converting into a necessity. Smart homes are the revolution for residential spaces, as the motive is to make living secure, comfortable, convenient and most importantly to make energy efficient. Nowadays, several developers/builders catering to this section have favourably placed their project’s price, which is resulting in drawing huge demand.  Almost everything in your house, from air-conditioner to doors to even curtains, can be controlled via mobile phone; hence, your home can be as smart as your phone.

Smart homes, on a large scale, help in sustaining the energy, as all appliances like light, air conditioners, security systems, curtains and blinds that consume a lot of electricity can be operated from inside and even outside the house with just one click. It is not only eco-friendly but also provides extreme comfort and security to the users.

Features in Indian Smart Homes

  • Smart Security – Water motor alarm, video door monitoring, fire detection and control, gas leakage detection, etc.
  • Lighting control – remote on/off, presence detection
  • Electrical – Smart air conditioning, smart refrigerators
  • Communication – Proximity door unlocking and GPS navigation connected to entry-exit.

Smart homes have set the bar really high, and hence, have comparatively greater resale value due to their features and location (generally found in upscale areas).  The rise in such projects is also subjected to the level of comfort and how unfussy and safer living it offers.

As popular as it is getting, there are still a few factors that are hampering its acceptance. The factors are cost and lower awareness among the buyers. With the number of advanced features, the price of the property automatically increases; and hence it makes the entire buying process a little costly than normal homes. Also, the research shows that the potential buyers of the older generation are not confident of the benefits of the smart home features. But, when we look at the journey of Indian smart homes, we’ve come a long way and the day is not far when smart homes will become the default choice of the buyers.

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