Make Your House a Home “Under Budget”

Soon after buying a house, or even renting one, comes the time when you finally get to do the exciting part, and that is “decorating” your dream house. And turn it into a home that reflects your personality. Having said that, after making such a significant investment you are left with a really tight budget. Hence, it becomes impossible to give your home a luxurious and high-end look, and have to settle for an average looking house.
Fortunately, there are ways to make your house look ravishing without making a hole in your pocket. There are a few tips that might help you build your house into a home.

The floor is not the limit
See all the possibilities in the room, even the smallest place may end up storing a lot a thing without even looking cluttered. Go for walls, hang the fancy storage frames that you can get in the flea markets really cheap. Wall mount the lamps; this way the room looks more spacious, and also you’ll save by not buying a table for the table lamp.

Go overboard with throw pillows
Cushions make the place looks more cosy and home-like. Also, along with the feeling of comfort, it brings the element of elegance in the room. It all depends on the size of pillows, with the huge ones the place will be more cosy and warm, whereas if you go for small ones, then it will make the place look elegant and sophisticated. Not to forget, pillow covers play a crucial part in the decorating process so choose accordingly.

The most economical and yet best way to add up your personal touch to the house is just to Do It Yourself “DIY.” There plenty of methods by which you can use your old and discarded stuff and make something useful out of it, even if you’re not a creative person. You can make lamps out of wine bottles, a cushion covers out of an old dress and what not. Also, the internet has more than enough ideas to help you out with.

Buy cheap furniture
Furniture is viewed as a permanent asset, well guess what, it isn’t. You don’t have to buy a super expensive and get over it within 2 months; instead you can go for cheap furniture and still be up to date with the trend and change when you stop liking it.
Now that you know all the tips and tricks, you can easily create an elegant looking and feeling home even on a tight budget.

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