Professionalism And Transparency In The Real Estate-HomeKraft

Professionalism and Transparency can make a Brand Excel

“The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity, and accountability”, these lines by Simon Mainwaring express the importance of transparency exquisitely. Transparency helps in building the trust of the customer in any business. Especially, when it comes to real estate, it becomes necessary for the developer to maintain professionalism and pellucidity as it is the matter of people’s dreams and aspirations.

In the real estate sector, the accomplishment of the commitments works as the benchmark for the future projects. Both, established and the upcoming developer would never overlook the transparency factor. The primary aspect the buyer focuses on, apart from budget, amenities, and location, is the transparency and history of the developer that helps him in the decision-making process. Post RERA implementation, India has made improvements and hence shifted one spot up in the global real estate transparency index, from 36 in 2016 to 35 in 2018.

RERA Act was implemented in May 2017 to increase answerability and transparency into the real estate sector. Though, apart from a few states such as Karnataka, Haryana, and Maharashtra, various states are still adopting this implementation slowly. In the last two years, the nation has advanced in the form of enhanced market fundamentals, policy reforms and increased volume of global capital being stationed into the country. India has announced extensive guidelines, ranging from implicating brokers to be registered, to mechanisms to look after the disputes with developers.

In sync with the new technologies, the real estate industry is also progressing. To demonstrate real-time activities and progress a few tools like visual tours, CCTV cameras, video walkthrough and rendered images of the building are being used. This way it results in a long-lasting affiliation between the buyer and the developer, as the customer not only pay for the product but a package of services. Sharing all the information with the client, the brand builds a bond of trust, and this also creates a professional image of the brand in the market.

Both professionalism and transparency are the pillars of the real estate sector, delivering possession on time is the most crucial step for a brand to create its goodwill in the market. This way, the brand or builder with the proficient image will be on to the top of the potential buyer’s list. It is this proficiency and the endeavor to offer the best to its customers, that is helping the developers like ATS Infrastructures to create its name in the market.

HomeKraft, one of the subsidiaries of ATS working in the budget-friendly homes segment, carries the same philosophy that guides its parent organization. And as every honest effort gets rewarded sooner or later, Happy Trails, the housing project by HomeKraft in Greater Noida becomes one of the best selling and most-preferred projects in the Delhi NCR region.

Mint, the financial daily by the HT Media group in its feature story, mentioned about the HomeKraft Happy Trails and how it has surpassed others and become one of the most sought-after budget-friendly homes projects.

Brands always talk about customer delight. However, in the run to become market leaders, they fail to practice the basics, i.e., maintaining professionalism and transparency in their business and day-to-day operations. ATS and HomeKraft by ATS clearly show how, by just maintaining the basics, a brand can achieve success. Avogadro avogadro-konstante teilchen fertige referate englisch stoffmenge naturkonstanten konstante stand 2010 dieser text befindet sich in redaktioneller bearbeitung.