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Rented or Owned: Where do you want to celebrate your Diwali?

India is a land of festivals, celebrations, and togetherness. And one of the main festivals that compiles of all these three elements is Diwali, the biggest festival celebrated in the country.  During Diwali, people clean their houses and decorate it with lights, flower garlands, diyas, and rangoli. The purpose of cleaning and decorating the house is to erase the negativity and welcome positive vibes, bestowed by ‘Goddess Laxmi’, in the form of wealth, primarily. Having said that, it is pretty clear that the house plays a significant role while celebrating Diwali.

When it comes to the house, there are primarily to set-ups that people follow. One is the owned property and the other is the rented space. And then the questions come whether one can celebrate Diwali to the fullest at his rented space or, Diwali celebrated at the owned property is the best!

Following are a few comparisons highlighting the difference between both the situations:

Diwali celebrations in a rental home

No matter how hard you try to make it feel like your own home, at the end of the day, it remains a rental house. You are answerable to the landlord for every single change you make or the damage you cause. There are tons of restrictions like you cannot hammer a nail in order to hang the decorative stuff, and you have to depend on the landlord for the whitewash of the house as most tenants are not allowed to paint the house according to their will. Family get-to-gathers become a mess as the rented homes are usually small and congested. As a result, you end up worrying about the damage that the guests or their kids might cause. In case the landlord lives in the same house or society then your privacy is also hampered. You cannot buy/change the furniture as it is a one-time investment. Not only this, the parking space for guests also becomes an issue as being a tenant you might not have much of a say in society.

All these issues turn the celebration mode into stress and hassle, and also reduces the enthusiasm among the family members. Hence, the most auspicious day ends up being a gloomy event. In this case, the grass is actually greener on the other side.

 Diwali celebrations in your own home

Being the owner of the house you can do whatever you feel like without any restrictions and answerability. Be it decorations, renovation or buying new furniture, all depends on you and your desires. The real feel of the festive celebration comes with your home where there are no limitations and on the top of it, the satisfaction of being in your own home and celebrating with your loved ones.

Clearly, festivals reach to their full bloom only when they are celebrated at your own space. With aspirational homes now available in the market, you can now easily fulfill your dream of owning your space. Do not let this festive season go down the lane with ordinary moments. Book your own space this festive season and celebrate the Diwali to the fullest.