Why aspirational homes are better than dream homes?

Well, dream homes in real estate have been a phenomenon we can’t miss out on. It is easily generalized that the homebuyer’s dreams should be a 1200sq ft. society apartment or a 2000sq.ft. Villa. But when reality strikes, the homebuyers simply aspire to buy a space for a family they can call home.

However, in the current scenario, it is very important to understand and decipher the requirements of the homebuyers and deliver. The demand and the supply gap has been predominantly playing a big role in the current scenario of the market.  Nevertheless, the government policies, economic and infrastructural developments also play their part. The real estate has been through a phase and is gradually showing some major spikes of revival. Analysts opine that the real estate market is consolidating but it seems to have a brighter side ahead. It is undoubtedly, a promising market for the homebuyers considering the reforms like RERA & the fast-paced development plans of the government.

The advent of affordable housing has already been deeply penetrating and reaching out to the masses. The prime ministers vision of Housing for all 2022 and smart cities is cherry on the top. With a clear focus on affordable housing and homebuyers, the Finance Minister (FM) in the Union Budget 2017-18 proposed to assign infrastructure status to affordable housing projects and facilitate higher investments, in line with the government’s aim of housing for all by 2022. However as per a recent CII report, despite these measures, the segment needs a stronger thrust, in order to be completely viable for private participation.

Though private builders have already mushroomed all around the country but this category seems to get the right audience for investment. Now, the homebuyers are consciously and responsibly investing in what they aspire to purchase but that too with an already established player of the Industry & a proven track record as thinking of a dream home with a fairly new developer may a nightmare too.

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